Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gluten Free Beer Review - The Votes are In!

Hello Dear Friends!
As promised, this post is dedicated to Gluten Free beers that are out there...well, at least the ones that we were able to find, taste, and compare. I can honestly tell you that the results were a little surprising to the tasters.
Since my regular glasses are dark brown, we poured the beer into wine glasses so everyone can see the color. So laugh all you want :)
I hope this review will help some of you to realize that there are more GF beers than one and that some are better than others.

Green's Tripel Blonde Ale 
We felt that this beer was not bad, light. One taster felt it was too light, the other taster thought it was "soapy" and had aftertaste. We all felt that it was OK but there was something better out there.
Green's Amber Ale
Tasters felt it was good and had clean aftertaste; it had good balance. We all thought that it had better aftertaste than the Blonde Ale. 

Green's Dark Ale
This was our favorite and definitely became the real contender. We felt it was perfect. It was not too bitter for dark ale and it was the smoothest of all three, which was surprising for all of us. 

IMPORTANT: Ingredients for all three Green's ales: water, millet, buckwheat, rice, sorghum, hops, yeast.

St. Peter's Sorghum Beer

We all felt it was good, but had bitter aftertaste. Already, we felt that Green's Dark Ale came on top. Personally, I was a little surprised that for such a light beer it was that bitter at the end. Too bad…

IMPORTANT: Ingredients: unknown. It only says that it is gluten free, made from sorghum, and contains no wheat or barley. 

Redbridge Beer

This beer has been our favorite before the tasting. It is smooth and delicious beer. We felt that it has mass appeal. There was, however, a slight disappointment. After tasting it and looking over ingredients, we realized that the beer contains corn syrup. 

IMPORTANT: Ingredients: water, fermented sorghum (sorghum, corn syrup), hops, yeast.

Bard's Beer
I have had the pleasure drinking this beer before and really liked it. During the tasting, we all liked this beer very much. It was not bitter, just as good as Redbridge, BUT, there was one difference - it had  no sugar!

IMPORTANT: Ingredients: water, sorghum, hops, yeast. 

The only difference between the Redbridge and Bards is the corn syrup. We were all surprised because both beers taste very similar and knowing that Bard's doesn't have the corn syrup, we were impressed and all preffered Bard's over Redbridge.

Out of all the beers that we tasted, two came out winners: Green's Dark Ale and Bards.

Overall, this is how we ranked these Gluten Free beers:
1.       Green Dark Ale and 
1.       Bards 
2.      Redbridge 
3.      Green’s Amber Ale 
4.      St. Peter’s Sorghum Beer 
5.      Green’s Blonde Ale

On a separate note, we also had the pleasure of tasting the Original Sin cider. We bought two bottles and both disappeared very quickly. The taste was very light and quite festive. This cider is critically acclaimed and, of course, gluten free. Try it, you will like it!

Original Sin Cider

I hope this review was helpful to all of you and I hope you learned something new about gluten free beers!


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