Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gluten Free Chocolate

Hi Everyone! I hope all of you are well and you are getting ready for Valentine's Day. Not that everyone celebrates this so called "holiday," but I think it gives us an excuse to remind ourselves that we have good people in our lives, and that we are blessed. Now, many people associate Valentine's day with chocolates. 
If you are on a gluten free diet, I wanted to remind you that certain chocolates are not gluten free. As with anything else, I suggest you read the ingredients. Moreover, I wanted to share my favorite GF chocolates. Try them. They are to die for!
  • Righteously Raw Chocolates 

These chocolate bars are small, but very good. I actually prefer this size because it is delicious enough that you want to have the whole bar and not that big that you end up eating a whole thing and feeling guilty.
They are organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free, have no refined sugars, and are made in nut free facility. 
They have several flavors:
  • Caramel Cacao Bar
  • Goji Cacao Bar
  • Acai Cacao Bar
  • Maca Cacao Bar
  • Rose Bar
 My favorite is Caramel Bar
  • Endangered Species

This company has a lot of chocolate products. Most, if not all, are gluten free. I suggest you read the ingredients. They have the smoothest chocolate ever! My husband and I love to buy their chocolate pouches. The pouch has ten individually wrapped chocolate squares. It is a great way to control yourself and not eat the whole bar! :) Seriously, this company makes a pretty fabulous chocolate!

I am sure there are more gluten free chocolates on the market. These two brands are just my favorite. The Endangered Species chocolates are available in many grocery stores, not just Whole Foods or other natural stores. 
The days where you had to run and look for gluten free chocolates are over!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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