Sunday, October 19, 2014

GRAMR Cards Review - A Perfect Way to Say Thanks!

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Now is a great time to get your cards ready, since I am sure many of you will wait until last minute, well, at least I usually do…:)
I found out about this place from FatFibFun, which is a quarterly subscription service that’s full of beauty, fitness, and other goodies. It is different from other such services because it includes full size products.

One of the products that the FabFitFun team included in the latest box was GRAMR thank you cards. I have received 4 cards, 4 envelopes, an envelope sealing wax, and a wax press.
Not only the cards are unique, but they are of great quality. They are beautiful cards that anyone would be happy to receive. Currently, the company is only doing “thank you” cards, which are perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving. 
The cards are:
  • Smear resistant
  • 100% sustainable
  • The company utilizes the soy ink
  • 10c/card given to others
  • California designed/American made

They currently have 20% of the first purchase, and they also have a subscription service, which costs $15/month and consists of 4 Gramr cards, 4 envelopes, and a stamp.
“A little gratitude each week goes a long way – jump in and find out what thankfulness can do for you”

Hope this gives you a jump start to get ready for your upcoming Thanksgiving or at least a gift idea for someone who you know would cherish such a personal touch!



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