Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Review of Brewla Bars

A definite summer obsession in our household. Brewla bars are all natural popsicles without any artificial sweeteners or flavors. Now flavors are unique and tea based. Given that I am a huge tea lover, I had to give these popsicles a try. Besides being incredibly delicious, there is only 9 grams of sugar in each popsicle. Majority of frozen treats out there have a higher content of sugar (often 15 grams or even higher).

The favorite flavor in our house is the Cherry Pomegranate + Red Tea. The bars are gluten free, caffeine free and they are full of B and C vitamins.

The other flavors that the company makes include (flavors can also be found here):

  • Peach Ginger + White Tea
  • Craft Brewed Root Beer Float
  • Tropical Fruits + White Tea
  • Strawberry + Hibiscus Tea
If you are on the lookout of a healthy frozen treat, give these bars a try. They are so good, they disappear in our household way too fast, so I am honestly considering making something of my own, since we keep running out of them :)

Do you have a favorite ice summer treat that is not too high in sugar content? Please share the goodness, so we can give them a try as well!

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