Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am finally back...this time for good

Hello Friends!
I believe I am back for good this time. I had to take ALCAT test last year and found out that I cannot eat a lot more than just gluten and dairy. This test breaks down one's intolerances basically in 4 colors: red (severe), orange (moderate), yellow (mild) and green (acceptable/good). You are told to stay off products that are in red, orange, and yellow colors for 6 months and then re-introduce them. After the 6 month period, one can eat that food once in four days.
I believe only now I am emotionally and physically ready to share my experience with gluten-free living. Now I realize how hard it is to live gluten-free, dairy-free, and especially, sugar free. BUT, with your help, I plan to create a go-to blog where one can find recipes and stick to the diet. I find that I struggle when I do not plan the menu ahead.

I also plan to share my opinion on gluten-free products and post reviews of natural skin care products. I am obsessed with good quality skin care and always try to find the best products.

I look forward to sharing my recipes with you.

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