Sunday, November 20, 2011

The # 1 Salad in the House - Simply Greek!

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. It is absolutely beautiful in New York City lately. Sunny, but chilly. Very refreshing outside! The weather definitely reminds you that the holiday season is almost here. The shops are getting ready for Christmas, but Thanksgiving is not even here yet!  :) Oh well...
I will be short and sweet with this post. Today I wanted to share with you the recipe of the salad that is made very often in our household. If you are missing an ingredient or two, it will still work. However, I do think that it will have a perfect kick and satisfaction with them all.

Here are the ingredients:
3 mini seadless cucumbers, also called Turkish cucumbers (I like them because I don't need to remove the skin) halved and sliced
2 medium size tomatoes,chopped
1 small red onion, diced
1 small jalapeno, diced
1 medium size sweet pepper, chopped ( I go for colors usually :))
3 garlic cloves, diced (you can definitely use less, but we like our garlic!)
~ 0.30 lb authentic feta, diced
parsley, chopped
1//2 lime or lemon - juiced
1 -  2 tbsp olive oil

Now, I know it is a little hard to know how much feta to put, but I would recommend to trust yourself. Just add all the ingredients together first, and then add feta. We go for authentic feta, because it is made of sheep and goat milks, which are lactose friendly. It is always best to start with a little bit and then add if you need more. Trust me, it will work. Here are the picture of feta that we like:

Add all the ingredients together, then juice your lemon or lime, and drizzle with olive oil. Mix the salad well. It will go perfect with some GF flat bread or some pizza on the side. If you want to make more safisticated dish, serve the salad next to the fish. I usually make a lot of this salad because we always go for extra.



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