Saturday, November 12, 2011

Persimmons - New York Style

OK people. I had so many things to share with you and I will...soon. However, this subject will take a priority.  Today has been a difficult evening. First, we wanted to have dinner and go out, but the restaurants were fully booked. And by fully booked, I mean no openings even at 10 PM. Yep, that is New York for you. I am not sure what is going on in the city right now, either the tourists or just Saturday insanity. We ordered Mexican dinner and they totally messed it up. The delivery guy had to come 3 times. Well, delicious food, so enough about that...

My hubby and I realized we were out of water, so we decided to take a quick walk, get water, and get persimmons for Sasha. That's right, you heard me. I was craving persimmons. 
Now, there are 2 kinds of persimmons: astringent and non-astringent. As our favorite encyclopedia suggests (wiki, I am talking about you), "Astringent persimmons contain very high levels of soluble tannins and are unpalatable (or "furry" tasting) if eaten before softening." Now, let me tell you, I have tried the Hachiya persimmons, which is a heart-shaped one, plenty of times and no matter how ripe it is, it always gives me the most creepy feeling in the mouth. And "furry" tasting is not of a strong enough word for it. 
Now, the second kind of a persimmon, which is flat, is usually called fuyu, is the one to eat! Or at least for me...If you are not sure which one to buy when you are in a store and you are not fond of "furry," imagine the persimmon that is being beaten, that's the one to grab. If you cannot remember the funky name, think of the place you would like to visit. Most likely Fiji would be one of those special places. Fiji and Fuyu - is close enough for me! It never gives me the "furry" taste and is pretty A-mazing to eat.

To give you an idea, below see a picture of the Hachiya persimmon. It is bigger and very astringent.

Now, since I know which kind I like, I was blessed enough to find the right kind in the store. Moreover, it was 99 cents per pound vs the $1.69 each for the furry one. Now, I got 6 puppies in my bag and gave the bag to the husband. Of course, after paying for the delish fruits, we realized that the girl charged us over 10 bucks for the "furry" kinds. Now, if you think she admitted to her mistake, you are mistaken. I had to point to her that "Fuyu" kind was 99 cents and regular one (Hachiya) was $1.69 each. After 5 minutes of attitude from her side, pointing fingers from mine, and going back and forth in the store, we got my flat fruits in the bag and we were on the way out.
Living in New York, you have to expect to stand up for what you want. Thankfully, I had my husband there with me to help me get what I want...

If you never tried persimmons, try one. Just slice the fruit horizontally and eat it with a teaspoon. It is simply amazing.


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