Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gluten Free Lactose Friendly Mini Frittatas - Perfect Deal for a Weekend Meal!

Greetings, Everyone!

I wanted to share a wonderful breakfast or brunch recipe with you. It is pretty easy to make and it is really delish. I have made plenty of mini frittatas before, but usually, I don’t make them with zucchinis or yellow squashes. However, I tried a frittata with zuchs at my friend’s LoriAnn's house, and let me tell you, I was definitely surprised. So next time I had some on hand, guess what was thrown into the dish – zuchs! Since I had some leftover prosciutto in the fridge as well, that also made the dish.   

Mini Frittatas:
1 zuchini, grated
1 yellow squash, grated
2/3 cup of goat milk mozzarella cheese, grated
3 eggs
1/3 cup of goat milk
1 tsp of meyer lemon seasoning (if you don't have it, don't worry, just add 1 tsp of lemon zest, that would do the magic)
1 tsp of lemon pepper
Cubes of manchego cheese (optional) it can be different cheese, but that's what I had)
Some slices of prosciutto
Grapeseed oil spray

Spray your muffin pan with some grapeseed oil. Mix all the ingredients together, except for the cubes of cheese and prosciutto. Place the prosciutto pieces on the border of the muffin cups and fill the cup with the egg mixture half way. Place the cheese cube in the middle and top it off with some more egg mixture, almost to the top. Do leave some space because if you don’t, that mixture will grow and partially explode all over your precious muffin pan. Learn from the “expert” ;)
Bake the eggs for 25 min at 350 degrees. However, keep in mind, that every oven is different, so keep checking to see if your frittatas are ready earlier.

When the mini frittatas are ready, carefully remove them and place them on the plate. I had avocados in the house, so I placed half of the avocado on the plate and sprinkled it with salt. Remember, you can always make these frittatas without the prosciutto, or you can chop it and add it to the egg mixture. You can really play around with ingredients. This is a great and easy recipe and I hope you will enjoy making it.


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