Saturday, June 1, 2013

Airplane Ziploc Essentials - Beauty Necessities for Flying

I think many women search and think what beauty products to bring with them on the airplane. What do you put in that ziploc bag?

Since I recently travelled, I wanted to share my essentials. Please keep in mind that I always try to use samples or use products in small contrainers that I used in the past. Everything fits, including even a full bottle of foundation :) I will also add the products that I personally used and loved.

  1.  Hand sanitizer (I loved Frais hand sanitizer, but whichever one you have will be useful)
  2. Face wipe (if the flight is longer than 5 hours, I use the face wipe, so my skin can breathe). My favorite – Klorane make up removal wipes with cornflower)
  3. Eye cream/gel (I used Komenuka Bijin - Eye Moisture Gel. I used it several times and finally bought the full size product)
  4. Hand cream (My favorite for traveling is Rose Hand Cream by Jurlique. It is thick enough that your hands feel moisturized for a long time)
  5. Lip balm
  6. Face water spray (I use Evian or Avene facial spray)
  7. Toner (not necessary for shorter flights, but for longer, it made a huge difference for me. I brought Chidoriya Peach Moon Water travel size and loved it so much, that I bought a full size bottle)
  8. Moisturizer (something a little heaver would be appropriate since the air on the airplane is very drying. I used Cosmetics 27 baume and Crème de la Rose from Body Deli Baume 27 worked wonders)
  9. Jao - Goe All over Body Oil (my favorite body moisturizer. I do not travel without it and if my skin needs extra moisture, it works like a charm. If you don't have space for it in you ziploc bag, at least put it in your suitcase. I promise you, you will love it)
  10. Concealer/blush (to freshen yourself up, you can use some concealer and blush. I love Becca products and those two work great) 
  11. Foundation 
  12. Sample of some perfume that you can use upon your landing to freshen up (I prefer some fresh light smell. The sample that I used - Carthusia - Mediterraneo Eau de Toilette from Beautyhabit - was absolutely wonderful)

In the past, I used to break out over long flights. Nowadays, by giving the skin extra pampering, my skin is fresh and dewy upon arrival at my destination. By using the face wipe and removing the dirt and make up, by either spraying it with face water or using a toner, and adding a moisturizer, your skin will have extra moisture that it so needs in the very dehydrating cabin.

I only wrote about my beauty essentials. Besides them, I always carry probiotic, charcoal if my stomach starts bothering me, ibuprofen, and allegra.
I hope I didn’t forget about anything and I hope some of the items would be useful to you on your next flight.
Happy Flying!!

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