Monday, June 29, 2015

Lemon Honey Jar and Ginger Lemon Tea

Happy Monday Folks,

It's has been a while since I posted anything. Sorry about that. I wanted to share this one with you because I have literally been using this stuff every single day.
My husband and I call this lemon jar - Pap's lemons :) Our pap, officially my father-in-law, used to take daily walks and collect lemons from this amazing lemon tree - neighbor's lemon tree I might add. According to him, he didn't want the lemons to rot, so he had to "save" them. Now, just in case and thank goodness he has a big fridge - he has, on average, about 8 jars in his fridge with these preserved lemons. You save time and in case you ran out, you always have lemons at home.

While I thought it was a great idea to have one in the fridge for my tea, I never ended up preparing them at home. However, while visiting San Diego this May, the weather was colder than I anticipated and I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get sick, so I made myself ginger lemon tea. I have been making it every since. Now I know it is summer and this might be a perfect winter drink, but I like to drink it in the morning to wake up my digestive system and get ready for the day. Drink it to feel better in case your stomach/digestive system is out of whack or if you are sick. It is simply wonderful.

To prepare lemons:
Get a jar that has a good lid. The one that you see in the picture I got in Home Goods for 3 bucks. Slide lemons and place them in the jar until the top. Add honey on top and let it sink it. I start with 3-4 tbsp of honey. You might need to add more later, but it takes some time for honey and lemons to work and get those juices going. I check in on the jar during the day to see if I need to add more honey. You don't want top lemons to be without any liquid because they can go bad. I keep the jar in the fridge and use it every day.

To prepare ginger lemon tea:
Clean and thinly slice about 1.5 inch of ginger. Pour hot water on top, cover the top and let it steep for about 5 mins. Add 2-3 lemon slices from the jar with a 1 tbsp of the juice.

I love this ginger tea because it is not "too gingery" for me. The lemons come in handy for any tea/drink.

Enjoy and stay healthy!


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